I Awoke and Looked Around

I awoke and looked around.
Behold, giants were before me.
I was deluded in my life – I found.
What is money that comes with chains?
What is success but a puffed up balloon?
What is life but a short broken string?

The giants, they beat me.
The chains, they tug at my limbs,
in all directions they tear.
I am intoxicated and barely breathing
by the fumes of fake sucess
I am suffocating by death, mould and rust that surrounds me

I dare not move as the pain is too great.
Like thorns in all directions, they pierce at my flesh.
I cry out, but there is no one around.
I ask, “What should I do?”
“What direction should I head?”
And silence is my closest friend.

“Yes!” I will tell my soul to take heart.
“Yes!” I will remind him of my saviour, my rock.
“Yes!” I will keep crying to my LORD until I can no longer utter words with my flesh.
Because my LORD, my God is my comfort.
He remains the same yesterday, today and forever.
My pains and my agony shall pass, but his Love remains.
I will tell my mind, “No!”.
I will rebuke my mind, saying, “Jesus is sufficient for me!”
The cross is mine and I will cling to it.
I will hold fast until the thorns melt away or I am taken away.


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