Preaching to My Heart of Despair

How long will the waves of despair break against my shore?
Like a ship without a mast, I am tossed to and fro from the thunderous waves.

My transgressions are like many suns, scorching on my skin.
On my melting skin, I try to peel them off, but the fragrance of more despair distracts me.

Like a harlot, I am drawn to its darkened fragrance.
My flesh cries out, “Why do you torment us? How long will you wait?”
“Release us! So we can perish towards pleasure and it’s pool of treasures”

Behold, through my watery eyes, I hear his answer.
He whispers, “my grace is always sufficient”
“Hear my voice and see!”
“Tell your heart, ‘He is with you, you shall overcome!'”

Behold, He will not let me fall.
His firm hands holds onto me.
He pulls me back from the abyss.
He shields my melting flesh from the suns.
He repairs my mast and turns my rudder.
With his wings of refuge, he covers me against the waves of despair.
I shall remain in His place forever and ever. Amen.


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