Movie of the year – The Case for Christ Challenge!

Movie to watch for the year. And I can’t wait!
“I believe it takes far more faith to be an atheist than to believe in God. Atheists believe that everything that exists (the entire universe with its billions of stars and planets) came from nothing and by nothing. Nobody x Nothing = Everything. That takes a lot of faith!” –Charlie H. Campbell
The Case for Christ is based on a real person, still alive, who sets out to disprove God. He’s a journalist trying to gather evidence. And he came to the came conclusion as Campbell did.
It’s simple math/logic: The basis for the Christian faith is Jesus. That he lived, died and rose again. If these three facts, yes facts, didn’t happen, then we believed a lie. But if indeed this is true. It changes everything! This means that Jesus said who he said he is. And his claims and teachings cannot be ignored. We can’t simply pretend it didn’t happen. Or just listen selectively to what he says. And what he says has to do with eternal life or death!
To my non-Christian friends considering Christ: I invite you to keep digging. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the answer of the truth of Jesus Christ (or not).
To my non-Christian friends who think Christ is nice for me but not for you since you are generally a nice person: Jesus says, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This is a very exclusive claim. If he did live, die and rose again. This claim must be true otherwise he won’t have to die and the rise again. He could have simply just taught a good lesson.
To my non-Christian friends who don’t believe that any God exists: I challenge you to investigate this truth with the same rigor Lee Strobel did in the move. Disprove this truth! Objectively and comprehensively. Ask questions. Get answers. Lots of it. I’m keen to see the research and interact with you.
To my Christian friends who think your faith is simply a set of dos and don’ts and Christianity is a weekend “sport”: I invite you to consider ALL of Jesus’s teachings, i.e. All of the bible. Not one bit is irrelevant, outdated or wrong. He calls us to follow him, not only as and when we feel like.
PM me if you’d like to chat… Can’t wait to watch it!

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