Stop. And consider the wonder of God.

“Hear this, O Job; stop and consider the wondrous works of God.” – Job 37:14, ESV

I recently attended a Futures Thinking training. In the training, we were asked to stand on 2 axis. (1) Stand on either “I think the future is bright” or “the future is bleak” (2) “You think you can change that” or “You think there are forces or structures greater than yourself to change the future”. No prizes for where I stood. I stood at the bleak, but greater forces can change quadrant.

As the entire training progresses, I was so fascinated to notice how positive everyone was about humanity. We predicted (hoped) that capitalism would die and there’s a world where money is no longer and issue. Free learning and community prevails. We painted a world where people would look after each other and band together for the greater good. We’d innovate and share technology, etc… This was all great! But to me, I could only picture that as heaven but not right now! Sohail, the trainer, also said that a “guru” (can’t recall who) predicts that the next 20 years will be key. We’ll either fix the climate change, sustainability issues and world war or we’ll deplete the world, nuke each other and die out! Which makes me guess (hope actually) that Christ comes back in the next 20 years.

What I’ve also concluded through the 3 days training is also the fact that without Jesus and the knowledge of him and eternal glory, they’ve got to make this work! Humans have no choice! They’d start asking questions like, “otherwise, what are we here for?!”

But for me, I started to grow a strong sense of uneasiness. I couldn’t put my finger on it until now… “Knowing this doesn’t solve my attitude now”. Jesus hasn’t come and I have a very very negative view of life and the world! Recently I’ve been saying this a lot, “if you have ultra low expectations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised each time.” I saw my fellow trainees brainstorming, hoping, getting excited and I told myself, “I want some of that…” I realised, I lost my wonder in the world. I’ve been so down lately that I lost the ability to stop and give glory the God for the wonder of the here and now. How can I be his instrument if the instrument is dejected even before it starts! Below is my prayer for today, a song by the Gettys…

“I’ve seen days melt into nights in circles of lights,
I’ve watched a spider spin a star between the window box flowers,
I’ve heard you laugh and cry in a single sigh,
And a story form within.

Don’t let me lose my wonder,
Don’t let me lose my wonder.

I saw her broken dreams inside but helping others fly,
I saw his eyes without a doubt though other lights faded out,
And though her calling roared,such graciousness poured
From the vision of her soul.

A baby cried through the dark beneath a jeweled spark,
I knew Your voice upon the hill and heard my lostness still,
I found my home in the light where wrong was made right
And You rose as the morning star.”


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