How Long More Oh Lord?

“Hear this, O Job; stop and consider the wondrous works of God.” – Job 37:14, ESV

How long more oh Lord?
How much more oh Lord?
How many more times?
My rotting flesh throbs relentlessly.
I see them in the mirror of my mind.
Like the lashings of a barbed whip,
New wounds are created on my flesh.
As if proud of these war wounds,
I parade around in my throne room.
Yet I groan with a load groan.
A groan filled with guilt and shame.
For I long to be released.
Who can release me?
Praise be to God for your timely reminder.
I have been released!
The Man who is like a lamb has released me!
From the corner of my throne room,
Light shines through.
Like the sun, as pure and burning hot.
Oh how have I forgotten about my salvation.
I see this Man. Like no other Man.
Walking into my dark throne room,
As his wings stretches out,
It spans across the entire earth.
To all that sees and believe,
He gives comfort and rest.
His glory illuminates all corners of the earth.
He shines into my throne room and turns it pure white.
He leads me out into the green pastures.
He shows me the harvest and says,
“Go, there’s still work to be done”

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