A Humble Call for Help

"The fear of the Lord leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm." ~ Proverbs 19:23 ESV

Dear friend/close one,

If you are reading this post because I have sent you a link, you will already kind of know the context and background of what Kat and I are going through. In particular, what I have been struggling with over the past 18 months, perhaps you’ve known since my first diagnosis in 2016. If you’ve stubbled onto this page and don’t really know me, I am happy you came, but this post is not really for you.

This is most likely the hardest post to write in my life. I have been vulnerable about my mental health and personal situations quite openly, but this is a whole different level. You see, I am going to be appealing to you for financial help. And it doesn’t really help that I am suffering from anxiety, depression, and multiple other mental traumas at the moment. Do know that I am doing this with a very heavy heart, but a heart that is greatly and repeatedly broken down and humbled by God over the course of the last 5 years. Particularly the last 2 years.

In my journey to try to submit and follow Jesus, my many twists and turns have brought me to many dark places and many stormy weathers. I still struggle a lot everyday. As most of you might know, the latest and current season was to decide to take a break from my professional career to start a new business. Despite being very prayerful, doing all my research, and speaking to many wise counsel, we are still where we are now. I still strongly believe that it is God’s will no matter how this season turns out. The biggest and ongoing lession I’ve learnt through suffering is my total dependence on God. I have done all my second guesses, my self doubts, my guilt trips, my “what-if” thinking, and in the end, the only conclusion I can come back to is – Fear the Lord my God. No amount of planning and deciding can stop or add to His plans. In this new business, I have had at least 3 gospel conversations and brought 3 people to church. In this new business, Kat and I, and my staff team have been time and time again encouraged by how we are helping kids who struggle with various mental health disabilities to engage, connect, open up, and in some cases thrive. We are doing something good and we really wish to humbly try to keep going with what we do.

However, because of my debilitating mental health struggles – namely ADHD, Anxiety, and depression – my own productive capacity have be greatly diminished. And because the business relies a lot on my ideas being put into action, the business can only grow as quickly as I can manage. This has also trained our family situation as Kat tries to help me in the business. We have thrown all that we have in this and we are at a stage where we believe with a little push, we can finally stabilise it and start to rest and restore. This leads to the purpose of this appeal. I am writing to you, and being vulnerable with you because I trust you. Kat and I trust you enough to share this deeply with you. And also to know we don’t need to be ashamed with you or fear your judgement of us, our life choices, and how we are. This also works both ways. Please do not feel at all obliged. You can simply say “no” without any need to explain. We will understand.

So, how can you help practically? In this case and in this very letter, it is to do with financial help and here are a few concrete options:

  1. Give us a personal loan (interest free or with interest) – we prefer to set up a monthly repayment over at least 12 months or more if possible (2 years preferred). I am happy to draw up a simple personal loan agreement for this.
  2. Help us with home expenses monthly by setting up a recurring debit amount. This could be a small amount over however long until we’re out of the “woods”. (PM me for bank details) You could also subscribe to this for your convenience: BE A BVG LEGEND
  3. Help us with a once off love gift (PM me for bank details) You can also give through here for your convenience:
  4. Our company Brokenvase Games does have shares still available if you’re keen to invest into the business. Contact me for more details on this and the full business plan.

Thank you for reading the whole thing! As I’ve mentioned earlier, please feel free to simply ignore or reply with “sorry I can’t” or “no thanks”. We will understand.

In humble love,

Merv, Kat, and family

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